What do you think?

I’m often asked “What do you think?” as it pertains to a website. Let me explain how it happens.

I set out to create a new website for a client. Many of the businesses that hire me have websites that are at least 10 years old. They don’t adhere to any current web principles or trends. They lack content, images, fresh anything, products, services, flexibility, creativity. You name it, it’s missing. All it seems to have is a logo, a background (the only purpose which is to make reading difficult) and some blah text about the business. And let’s not forget, someone’s favorite color, font, picture or saying. Often unrelated to the business.

As I begin my makeover of this site to a modern look and fresh information, my hand is often slapped and I’m told: “You can’t do that. That’s not the kind of company we are. I can’t stand to look at that.” I’m then told to take away this section, and remove that section. What is that “lorem ipsum” text all about. You’re writing my site in Latin? Why is my background white? Can’t we add a fancy background?

By the time we’re done with the updates, it looks as boring and unoriginal as the old site. Not only, but it contains no marketing outside of the logo, title and a paragraph. There is literally nothing attractive about the site, and it’s no longer mobile friendly. Then I’m hit with this question: “What do you think?” as I scratch my head wondering why this person hired me. “What I think” is the original design that I created for you. “What you think” is what you created. The same mess as before. If you like it, then go with it.