About Us

My first job after college, I worked from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, Monday thru Friday. Today Abacus Software operates 24/7. As of 2017, Google is reporting that over 50% of all queries are from a mobile device, and the average user is on a mobile device almost 3 hours per day. We are connected with computers at work, laptops at home, mobile devices on the road, and iPads on vacation. We are constantly processing information. Submit client proposal. Finish big project. Update new server. Read blog. Those 9-5, Monday thru Friday days are gone.

Abacus Software will guide you and your company through the shift of becoming an ubiquitous -mobile thinking business. We have extensive expertise and have provided numerous clients with the direction to point them towards the future.

The culture of the information company has changed. The skills of the information worker have changed. The mindset and expectation of the customer have changed. That means management has to change. That means that business tactics and operations have to change. Flexibility and resiliency are paramount. Innovative businesses that make a quick transition will thrive. Laggards that don’t, unfortunately will not make it. Adapt, or perish.