What’s your passion about?

I’ve created hundreds of websites in over 20 years of being in business. Many of them are family owned, with less than 10 employees. Often the “About Us” or “Mission” page has a statement that goes something like this: “My husband and I have always had this passion to offer **enter service here** to the **enter area here** region. So we dipped into our savings, gathered all our money and started **enter company name here** for the benefit of our community.”

The truth is, running a small family business is not a passion of anyone. Running a small business entails 80 hour weeks including weekends, hiring and firing employees, dealing with advertising and product/service promotions, managing technology and internet systems that make you extremely uncomfortable, dealing with irate customers who are never satisfied, constantly putting out fires, dealing with payroll, taxes and bookkeeping, banks and creditor. Ah … then there’s the passion of what you are really looking to do.

The reality is, you started a small business because you thought you could do better on your own than working for that boss of yours, that in your opinion was an idiot and had no idea how to run a company. You left your employer thinking you could do so much better, and reap the rewards of doing your own thing, including a bigger paycheck at the end of the week. Besides, you are much better at **insert your craft here** than anyone else around.

If you plan on running your own business, forget about your passion, and focus instead on the running of a business. Understand all the facets which do not include your craft. You will spend countless hours managing, which is a craft you are not proficient at. If you can afford it, surround yourself with those that can assist you and help you grow. Create a solid business plan and budget. Work hard to make it happen, and don’t give up.