Your Image

Your website does not need to look like the Mona Lisa. It does need to be visually pleasing. Just as important, it needs to flow. Navigation needs to be clear and obvious. The right information needs to be available and some stickiness is a must. It also needs to have a ‘look’ to it. Your business card can look great, you can project confidence, your products and services are likely top notch. So must your website. ¬†Clean, professional, responsive. Ready to engage and sell to any client.

Today, most visitors to your website are on a mobile device. Google now tells us that over 50% of searchers are on mobile.  Over 30% of all online sales are on a mobile device. Companies most change the focus away from the desktop. Your phone and tablet are now the most important device.

So what is the image of your company when a user reaches your website on a mobile device? It better be good.